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Hi there I really hate these things.....
I'm 28 and loving my girls - Althea Rowan age 3/98 and Isabella Kali 1/00. We unschool and listen to what these girls need and want *hopefully*. I work a bit, less than I used to but enough to be too busy. Im Married, it'll be 4 years this October, Hes a carpenter, good man.
We have a small zoo... theres Chewbacca - who resembles a Ewok more than a Wookie, Furgus the oversized German Shepard Puppy (hes about 1.5 now). Lilo ans Stich, the troublemaking cats-I dont know what we were thinking naming them Lilo and Stitch! and last but certainly not least - Randall The Bearded Dragon, Picture Randall from Monsters! Inc. and thats him. Hes cool!Alright thats all your getting for now....go read my blog or something.....


Living Life, Watching my kids sleep; to drink-beer, red wine or Jameson & Balieys on the rocks; to eat - sushi, sushi and cheesburgers (although steamed kale with butter and garlic has been real tasty lately); to hear - Irish drinking music gone punkrock